The mighty Akimbo!
The mighty Akimbo!

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Gaia Consort Frequently Asked Questions
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Why Gaia Consort?

Gaia, the Greek name for the Earth Goddess, lives in two worlds: as one of the many guises of the Great Goddess as Pagans celebrate her today, and, as Lovelock and Margulis's theory of the Earth as a great interdependent web of self regulating systems, that maintain an environment that favors life as we know it.

Consort is a wonderfully descriptive word meaning: lovers; two or more ships traveling together; one who shares a common lot; to make harmony - as a verb; and finally, a group of singers or instrumentalists performing together. What a great word to to replace band!

What makes Pagan music, Pagan?

In our case, the lyrics tell stories with Pagan themes, and the music supports them. All kinds of people like our music, but Pagans get the subtler ideas. Whether you're Pagan, Humanist, Gaian, Agnostic, Atheist - Gaia Consort stands with folks who want to engage and celebrate the natural world, with folks who think dancing naked around a bonfire is an idea for a good time. We celebrate the core ethic of Paganism: "An it Harm None, Do What You Will," and we sing about where that ethic might lead.

What comes first, music or lyrics?

Music usually - I can tunesmith all day, but the lyrics take time. A few of my songs started as lyrical ideas in search of a melody - Just Because came from the lyric idea meeting the rhythm of our dishwasher!

Who are your influences?
I listen to a pretty eclectic mix - I was raised on show tunes but the first album I bought was Black Sabbath's Paranoid. In the 70's I listened to a mix of prog rock and folk, in the 80's Pat Metheny, Rickie Lee Jones, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Bruce Cockburn. I love Peter Gabriel's music, Jane Siberry, Loreena McKinnett. Lately I've been listening to Solas and Jethro Tull.

Have you quit your day job yet?
Kind of - but I'm supported by my Goddess-like wife who has the skills to keep us fed and clothed without me having to wait tables or fix plumbing. Right now Suddenly Naked supports itself, while Sue supports me.

What style is your music?

Upbeat poetic rock and roll, more wood than metal. If you like Bare Naked Ladies, CSNY, Jethro Tull - or any percievelable combination of these bands, you'll probably like our style. I try not to sound like I've listened to Bruce Cockburn play guitar for twenty years or Carlos Santana for 30, but sometimes it just comes out in the playing....

Why aren't you guys signed to a major label?

When I was interested in major labels, they wouldn't have me. I was young and naive and bought into the mythology of perform - record - get signed - and live happily ever after, and knew nothing about building audience. I have a fair amount of rejection letters from those days. As I got older, and came to terms with the fact that I might not ever make a living from playing music, and actually MET some folks who had been signed, I learned that the life was maybe not what it was cooked up to be, anyway. I was lucky, they wouldn't let me go down that road.

The major labels have become parasites - they've done more to sodmize the art of making music, especially in the last ten years, than all the censors, inquisitors, Stalinist bogeymen of the previous 400. This is not sour grapes talking - knowing what I now know, I'm relieved that I never made it onto that ladder. Listen to commercial radio and tell me with a straight face that it doesn't suck, and ask yourself whether you'd want to be part of that. The business is being run by corporate accountants and lawyers who don't know the first thing about making great music or even what great music is. I don't buy anything released by major labels new anymore - if I like a major label artist I buy it used. In fact, I think we should all BOYCOTT MAJOR LABEL MUSIC!

Where do you play?

We play house concerts, and self produced shows, in community centers and concert halls, mostly in the Pacific Northwest. We also play festivals around the US and Canada. We're open to playing shows where people are there to listen to the music, and give us their full attention. We don't do weddings, partys, bars, coffeehouses or any place where we're merely the sound track for mating dances. We can sell you a CD for that.

Why Suddenly Naked?

Playing music on stage is like suddenly finding yourself naked in front of 500 people. You're baring your soul. Plus everyone is a little tantalized by by thinking of nudity - almost everyone remembers our name. The most fun a person can have, is had naked. All the best art is nude. Liberty exhorts us with bare breasts! Pagans celebrate skyclad, to show that we have nothing to hide! Body modesty is a social disease! Join us! Be naked too!


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The mighty Akimbo!

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