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Gaia Consort's General Volunteer Guidelines:

Thank you!

In the last few years, Gaia Consort has been able to produce bigger and better concerts - and the main reason for that is because of you - the volunteers! Thank you so much for being willing to support what we do - you've made us a truly "community organization." Moving into the future, we've realized that it will make for a better experience for the volunteers, the band, and of course the audience, if we provide guidelines for how to handle working at shows, house concerts, or helping in other ways. We are so grateful to all of you who have worked to help us reach this point - and as the band evolves into whatever we become, look forward to working with all of you…


Your contact in the band should be me, Sue Tinney, the volunteer coordinator. If you need to contact another member of the team for a specific piece of information or something similar, I have the list and can put you in contact.

My Contact info:

Email: Phone (evenings & weekends): (360) 862-8762

If you need to reach me at work, call the home number and Chris will give you the number to reach me at work. If a show is coming up and you have any needs or can't make it, or have anything to discuss (see subjects below), feel free to email or call - anytime before 10:00 pm should be fine.

Please try not to email the whole mailing list with discussion or questions; it's a heavily moderated group, and I'm planning on only passing on information that *everyone* needs to see - I don't want it to be a mailing list so much as a contact list specifically for coordinating shows and tasks. Thanks for your understanding. If people would like this to be a more "chatty" list, let me know and I'll take a vote J

Well Being

Be mindful of your own needs, so you can perform your role and stay healthy through the event. Please remember to drink water, eat, and not over exert yourself. We provide dinner at most shows, with the exception of some house concerts. We'll let you know if dinner will be provided - please be sure to eat or bring food for yourself at the other shows. Let the coordinator of the event know if you have special dietary needs or allergies that apply to the venue (allergies, health conditions that may flare up, that sort of thing). Make sure that you bring any needed medications. Be sure to let the coordinator know if there is any reason you may be limited in a role you expect to take at the show (can't lift heavy things, can't stand up for long, whatever might pertain) - this will give us the opportunity to put you in a position where you can enjoy your time volunteering… that's part of what this is all about!


Based on the 8 years we've been producing concerts, we expect our audiences to be pretty peaceful and well behaved. It's always possible, however, that there might be some kind of trouble. If you observe a situation that requires intervention (for example, a fight, someone breaking into a car, or something similar), DO NOT place yourself in jeapordy; contact the coordinator of the event immediately, and allow them to handle the issue.

Working with other Volunteers

Please treat other volunteers with respect, and respect their personal space. If you have a disagreement, or personality conflict with another volunteer that you're not comfortable or able to handle yourself, please bring the issue to the coordinator. If you have or know of an issue with a band member or another volunteer, please bring it to our attention, and we'll help resolve the issue as respectfully and discreetly as possible.

Interacting with guests

While volunteering at shows, remember that attendees are our guests - we want to act as hosts and hostesses, and do what we can to ensure that they're comfortable. If you know of an issue occurs with a guest, bring it to the attention of the event coordinator right away, or if it's between shows, to Sue. Don't speak *for* the band; especially with regards to issues or problems that might have legal repercussions, such as personal injuries, complaints related to another attendee or anyone else's behavior, or any other kind of actual complaints. Pass the feedback or information on to Sue, Chris, or the person designated by us as "Event Coordinator" for that event, as quickly and directly as possible.

House Concert Ettiquette

At house concerts, WE are the guests. Please be respectful of the home we've been invited to perform in - check with the hostess if you're not sure what parts of the house are public, and help ensure that we and the guests respect these boundaries. If in doubt, ask! Remember also that it's a bit nerve-wracking to host; make sure to give the hosts personal space, don't wander the house without permission, and try not to 'rile up' the pets & kids; particularly before the audience arrives. If you have children, check with the hostess as to whether they're comfortable with the kids arriving early, and don't let them run wild.


Most of our shows are "kid friendly" - if you're working the show and have small children (under 12 or so), please try to find a sitter or have someone come along just to watch them and keep them safe, so you can focus on the show. Several of our volunteers have children; consider contacting the others and maybe you can arrange group kid-watching. If you're sure your kid can keep from underfoot, bring them - but be sure to discuss it with the event coordinator first.

Roles & tasks, and how they're assigned

Make sure that Sue knows what your skills are, and what types of jobs you are capable of, things you'd like to try, and what you prefer to do. It's especially important to indicate whether there are jobs you can't or won't be able to do. Before each show, Sue will assign roles and tasks, with the intention of giving people the opportunity to try out new roles they're interested in, and at the same time ensuring that folks know how to do their assigned tasks. As well, since we have a growing team of volunteers, we'll be rotating people, so everyone will have a chance to help out - and everyone will still have opportunities to come to shows and just play. Aside from band members, we can't guarantee that you'll always be asked to do your favorite job, though we will do our best to hand the jobs out so everyone's happy. Please understand that this is to ensure that there isn't a role that only one person knows how to do - and to keep from sticking any one person with a boring or arduous job every time.

Appropriate Behavior

Gaia Consort's music draws an extremely eclectic mix of people. Not all of our audience or volunteers are pagan, or poly, or even what you'd call "alternative." We feel very strongly about creating an atmosphere at our shows which will feel safe and comfortable for everyone. Volunteers need to remember that while you're working a show, you're a member of our team, so people will assume that your comments and behavior while "working" a show are representative of what we feel is appropriate - so we ask you to be especially aware of our interactions with members of the audience, other volunteers, hired hands and band members during shows. Please feel free to socialize, introduce yourself, exchange contact information, and be friendly with the people you meet at our shows. Please refrain from touching and kissing any new people you meet at a show unless they specifically initiate the touching. Please do not pursue overtly sexual physical contact with anyone at shows - make arrangements to do that when you're not "working." Hugs and kisses are fine, please just refrain from "makeout sessions" at the shows. If you have *any* questions, comments or concerns about this request, feel free to contact Sue, I'll be happy to discuss or explain specifics and reasoning with you.


Please feel free to let us know how things went at an event or show, or if you feel something could be done better. We consider ourselves a "learning organization" - and your feedback, help and suggestions keep us going. Sue will try to send out "how did we do?" emails after shows, but don't feel that you have to wait for that to let us know about things that didn't work, or to let us know if something worked particularly well…

And again… Thank you!!

I know that this laundry list may seem a little restrictive, but the idea is to make sure that you, as a volunteer, and all of the audience have the best possible experience at the shows. Your willingness to help, the skills and time you're offering us, are so greatly appreciated - we just couldn't do this without your help!


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