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Bone Poets Bring Back the Sun!

Soulfood Coffeehouse, 15748 Redmond Way, Redmond

Twas the week before Solstice, when out of the rain, Bone Poets played at Soulfood again All the creatures were anxious to bring back the sun, and make all our whosits, happy and one For the way cool was waiting, to call out a shout: "Axial tilt freaky people! That" s what it's about!

8:00pm December 14th at Soulfood Books in Redmond. Come join the stripped down version of the band, let us dazzle you with the new stuff and sing along with the old. With a little help from the earth's axial tilt, we'll do our best to bring back the light. We'll bring the sun, you bring the Solstice! $14.95 Advance seats are will-call, pick up only. $19.95 at the door. Buy in advance to make sure you get a seat AND save $5.00!