From the recording Gaia Circles

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Darkwing (Shaman in the City)

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Oil slicked side streets
The pavement burning
The flame will change this street to light
I am moving in
I am moving in

No friend can follow
No love bear witness
I float alone in mist and sky
I have shed my skin
I have shed my skin

Above the smoke haze
My dark wings beating
I speak with those know the way
I have shed my skin
Let the light move in

Isis, Ishtar, Cerridwen, Quan Yin,
Nepthys, Rhea, Vesta, Mah

Fintaan, Bacchus, Tirawa, Chandra,
Dagda, Shiva, Mithras, Lugh

Eostre, Hecate, Lilith, Io
Erce, sekmet, Banba, K’un

Balor, Acat, Cernnonos, Gwydion
Helios, Aker, Aizen-Myoo

Bellona, Tien-kuan, Kali, Agni
Hera, Gannoa, Baal, Danu