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Move to the Country

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Move to the Country
We're gonna move to the country
With a half-a-dozen lovers
I'm gonna move to the country
Aw honey squeeze on over

We'll leave behind the city and with it our doubts
When we get to where we're going we'll hoot and shout (I don't like this line much)
And we'll turn each other upside down
And shake the concrete out

We'll be totally independent, we'll be off the grid
'cept for the solar power we'll sell back to the Feds
And we'll make some half way decent art
Between the gardening and the sex

When we move to the country....

We'll find the hundredth monkey and our ideas will spread
Even born again Fundie's will find sense in their heads
And we'll have Woodstock every weekend
And invite the Grateful Dead

We'll barter for the tools and the extras we need
Let the virtual economy go to seed
'Til some genius at the FBI discovers that
Pot is just a weed...

And he moves to the country....

And everybody on the planet will make peace with their past
Every man, woman child - one at last
And we'll tear up all the mortgages
When the major banks collapse!

And we'll move to the country....