1. Beltane Fires

From the recording Secret Voices

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Beltane Fires

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Beltane Fires

A health to the mothers of the Merry Begotten
A health to the maiden with the fiery eyes
A health to the crone that smiles beside us
On the other side of a Beltane Fire

A health to the sweet rain gently falling
Down upon the Earth so fair
A health to the wind that Gails around us
And feeds the passion of a Beltane Fire

A health to the lovely green-eyed Susan
She whose heart is my desire
And after all the May Pole’s rising…
Will you leap with me now o’er a Beltane Fire?

A health to the acts of love and pleasure
A health to the new born just arrived
A health to the way the May poles rise
A health to those who bear no children
So those who do come along survive!

Copyright 2000 Christopher Bingham