1. Only Skin

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Only Skin

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Recorded in 1993 at Chris Hanzek's home studio, and added Sue vocals in 2023.


In the towns they light the lights to shut away the night sky
In the fields I see the light that's burning there behind your eyes
And there is only skin
Only skin between you and I

We will row our silent oars together out across the bay
We will roll like wheels in tandem snaking down some highway
With only skin
Only skin between us today

There are years that we can never call back into our lives
There are fears whose only limits are what we can fantasize
But there is only skin
Only skin between you and I

There are stars out in the sky that you and I will never see
There are walls as long as China that I know will always be
But there is only skin, only skin between you and me

Only skin, only skin comes between