1. Surfacing

From the recording Surfacing

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IRSC: ushm22482497 Copyright 1984-2024 Christopher Bingham
Players Christopher Bingham. vocals, all guitars, keyboards; Sue Tinney, harmony vocals; Alicia Healy, backing vocals; Nolie MacDonald, backing vocals, Dan Mohler, bass; T.J Morris, drums

Co-Produced and Engineered by Christopher Bingham and TJ Morris



Pulling ourselves from the dark of the ocean
Pulling ourselves from the deep
Reach for the air and the light in the motion
Away from the comfort of sleep

Cresting the wave we break through the surface
Gasp in the air and the light
A moment of joy, a moment of purpose
Then back to the water and night

And all this life might be a dream
Held down by the weight of the endless blue ocean
A dream in the mind of the deep
And all this time is less than it seems
Slowed down by the weight of endless emotions
The weight of impossible things

At the start of a life, on a cold winter's night,
We climbed to the top of a hill
Surrounded by lights that came into sight
Like a sshing bright crown on the chill

Pulling ourselves to the top of the mountain
Pulling ourselves to the peak
No longer alone, we pull on the stone on the stone
And into the future we leap

And all this life it just might be real
As real as the kiss, as warm as your lips
As electric as all that we feel

All this life is beyond even dreams
Filled with creation, the great exhaltation
The joy of the possible things

1984 - 12/24/2023 -1/2/2024